ALEXANDRIA, MINNESOTA REAL ESTATE is for buyers and sellers of lakefront and residential real estate in Alexandria, Minnesota and nearby communities such as Miltona and Glenwood. Search tools are available to show you the real estate available for purchase in Alexandria’s Multiple Listing Service. There are quick search tools to help you efficiently and accurately find homes and land for sale based on set criteria such as lake name. Another option is the Search real estate screener. It offers a less visually appealing view of properties for sale in the Alexandria’s real estate market but gives you the ability to apply a larger number of filters to a real estate search and also allows you to see real estate for sale grouped together on a map & you can now view closed sales.


Tip: Choose a property type and search real estate for sale in Alexandria, Minnesota and other nearby cities such as Miltona by street name or MLS number. Start typing a name such as Douglas in the location field or an MLS number such as 10-10464 and select “Douglas (Street Address)” or “10-10464 (MLS #)” in the pop-up. It is okay to have multiple selections. A search only for ‘Douglas’ will have search results with all listings in Douglas County and any street name that contains Douglas.

Wild Card Search

Search all real estate listings in the Alexandria Multiple Listing Service by keywords. For example, a search for ‘sandy’ will find all listings with ‘sandy’ in the street address or with ‘sandy’ used in the property description. Try searching by your favorite countertop surface or flooring. Be creative and have some fun.

Property Tax Information

Each county allows the public to search for properties by parcel identification number, E911 number or by section, township and range. Once a property is located, it is possible to view tax information and property owners have the ability to pay their property taxes with a credit card, debit card or electronic check. A favorite tool of mine at the Douglas County site is the GIS Interactive Parcel Map. Here, if you know the area you want to search, you can simply zoom in and start clicking on parcels to view property ownership. Pope County and Todd County also have Interactive GIS Mapping.