Have A Beer, Preserve Minnesota’s Lakes

Last Friday I met a friend at Zorbaz in Alexandria late in the afternoon for a beer and pizza. Guinness is a favorite of mine and that was my order as I wanted to see if they would pour a proper pint. My friend, Joe, ordered a Stella Artois. We then notice amongst the 30 taps one neither of us had seen before. In big letters it said ‘Tonka’. Perfectly on cue, a friend of ours that works for Beverage Distributors in Alexandria, Greg Huss, came over to say hello. We learned from him that Tonka Beer Company is a non-profit with all the profits from sales used in support of Save-Our-Lakes™, which funds initiatives of Conservation Minnesota and the University of Minnesota’s Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center to protect Minnesota’s lakes and rivers from zebra mussels, milfoil and other invasive species. Pretty cool.Tonka Beer Company


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